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OMG, I Finished!


Finishing, I mean.  The actual act of running ten miles was slightly painful at times.  Also I almost stepped on a squirrel that had been flattened by a car which was both sad and revolting.

But I finished!  And I had fun.  I met some nice people.

I did not pass out at mile 7.5 and have to be hosed down by strangers, all up in my face.

I did not puke.

I did not even need the snot rag I went to Target to get.

I was not passed by any speedwalkers (that I noticed).  Nor any athletes from the races behind us.

I have no blisters or chafing.  Maybe that only happens when a person runs longer distances?  All I know is that I'm glad, because chafed nipples do not sound fun.

It took me two hours and twelve minutes to finish, which is slow as hell but not as slow as I expected!  I was guessing, based on my practice run times, that it would take me more like two and a half hours.  So go me!  I really need to work on my pacing, though.  I started out way too fast and really struggled near the end.  I am also making a mental note for the future that training for a run that's taking place on pavement by running primarily on the lovely, soft gravel of the LRT trail is maybe not the best idea.  My knees are a little angry.

My mom and dad came out to meet me after the race and take me back to my car in Minneapolis.  My mom was so adorable -- she went online and read up on what people are supposed to eat and drink after a race and she brought this enormous bag full of food and beverages for me.

We took some pictures, which I will stick behind this cut to spare your friends page.

Here I am, showing off my medal.  Initially I was holding it in front of my face and my dad, who was taking the picture and is also pretty adorable, in his own fashion, kindly told me that I should move my hand down a bit.

Me and my mom.  She is making a sad face because she was so happy for me.  Also that sandwich she's holding is one she kept trying to get me to eat more of.

Me and my dad.  I think he was humoring me by posing for a picture.

It was fun times all around.  I hope you all had equally awesome weekends.

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