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Hey, I finished. Again!

Woooooooo! New personal best 5k time today. I want to stress the word "personal" there, because I was definitely one of the last people to finish. But whatever! My running mantra/slogan has become "Hey, I finished."

And I feel really good about the pace I set and stuck to. Yeah, it was slow, but I maintained it throughout the race. Also, I only have two blisters, which is amazing because I broke one of the cardinal rules of running and ran in new shoes. I KNOW. It could have ended badly. I really had no other choice though -- I destroyed my old shoes doing the Warrior Dash, and I, er, well, I kind of forgot that I needed new ones until yesterday. But it worked out just fine, and the blisters are not bad at all. They're on the balls* of my feet and aren't painful at all really. The only time I really mind blisters is when they're on the backs of my ankles, because those hurt and are usually all raw and icky-looking.

There was this guy who looked like he was in his early twenties whom I noticed at the start of the race because he was super-tall and wearing a bright green shirt. He must have started off at a pretty good clip because I lost sight of him at the beginning. I saw him again between mile one and two and he had slowed to a walk. When I passed him, he started running again and passed me, only to slow to a walk again after maybe a tenth of a mile. I passed him again, and the same thing happened. We did this seriously four or five times but I think he gave up around mile three because I passed him then and didn't see him again until the finish, where he was still a little behind me.

I don't pretend to be able to read people's thoughts, but I think there's a high likelihood that he was motivated by an unwillingness to let a fat girl beat him. Too bad for him!

*I said balls.
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